Installing and configuring views timelineJs in drupal

In this tutorial we would be looking at how to install and configure the timelineJs module/tool in our drupal website. The TimelineJs is an open source tools used for building beautiful and visually rich timelines. You can use it within your drupal website for building content timelines. This module comes with a timelinejs date content type and a preconfigured view for displaying the content type's timeline. It can be used displaying things such as an events timeline, timeline for a countries history, someones musics career and much more. 

Download the timelinejs library from github


This was very helpful - thank you!

I tried this but Drupal 7 (Spark) shows a "The version of the timeline library could not be detected." after extracting.

Edit timeline.js file for the first lines to be:
Version ....
(then the version number)

i need timeline view

I just finished watching your video and visited website for the content creation which is best job

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