Installing and configuring the field collection module

In this tutorial we shall be installing and configuring the field collection module.The field collection module allows you to use an entity inside another host entity as a field. The field collection module is similar to both the field group module and the node reference module. I think it is a combination of the two modules inside one. Unlike the node reference module, it is used when you do not want the fields in the collection edited outside the host entity. The field collection module alllows you to create multiple field as a single field. 

For this tutorial, we will be using a job application scenario. Say for example a section on the form where users can add there work experience which consist of job title, time frame, organisation. And we want users to be able to add more than one experience with a particular application. To acheive this we use the field collection module which creates the work experience field as a single field and you can add another experience to the form by simply clicking add another item.

Field Collection Module


Field collection is useful for adding a set of groups of fields to content - but beware if you use it for data storage for fields that are not being displayed directly as content, it will add additional joins in your select queries.

Like most things in Drupal and Software Engineering in general, you need to understand the plusses and minusses of your approach.

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Use with token_insert to add a collection of fields into a body textarea. Use case: a Reviewer has a set format for reviews (title, description, 5 star rating) and you want that Review inserted somewhere arbitrarily in a node body.

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