Learning views in drupal 7 PART 1 (Introduction to views 3)

This tutorial is going to be a series of tutorials on working with the views module. Views is a very powerful tool for manipulating contents in drupal. It is one of the most popular modules used in drupal websites. Though it looks scary at the beginning, but we will try making it as easy as possible for our audience.

Views module is a wonderful tool for presenting data from various part of your website to your users either as tables, list or whatever form you might choose. It can be used for creating report, displaying summaries, collection of images and much more. It is like a simple query builder without you having to know how to write SQL syntax.

The views module also allows you to display contents as a page, block, rss feed or an attachment to a page. The views module can also be used alongside the panels module for more complex displays. Views is one of the advantages the drupal cms has over all other cms such as wordpress, joomla, e.t.c.


Nice tutorial boss

I'm trying to move away from wordpress to something more mature like Drupal, and I must say that this website is really making it easier for me to understand how stuff works in Drupal.

Thank You!

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