Leaflet more maps and Leaflet markercluster tutorial

This tutorial focuses on how to use both the leaflet more maps and leaflet marker cluster module in combination with the leaflet module in drupal. The leaflet map module like we described in our last lesson is an open source javascript library, similar to the openlayers library. It's strength lies in its simplicity , performance and scalability. When the leaflet module is installed, only a single map style comes with it. However, to get more maps styles, you need the leaflet more maps module. Which has more than 20 other attractive map styles. 

We also looked at the leaflet map cluster module, with a beauitiful animated zoom/cluster functionality which allows different markers on a map to be clustered. Say for example a company has different branches all over the world. You can show a cluster of branches in different states, countries, and maybe continent. 

In other to be able to follow this tutorial, it is assumed you already know  how to use the leaflet module. Here is a link to the first tutorial, to be able to follow along.


Another great demonstration of the fact that Leaflet's "light weight" does not mean "feature poor".
Leaflet MarkerCluster has to be one of the nicest, easiest to install map marker clustering modules. It works beautifully in an attractive animated "explosive" fashion. It auto-includes a "spiderfy" function, not shown in the video, that allows you to show multiple markers, each with their own balloon details, at the same or nearly the same postal address, such as a number of companies in the same office block.
As far as the second module Leaflet More Maps is concerned: why would you NOT do yourself the favor of instantly having the choice of 20+ extra maps at the flick of a drop-down, including Google high-res for Retina displays.
Leaflet MarkerCluser + Leaflet More Maps: Win-Win.
Thanks for showing!

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