Using the views 3 glossary mode in drupal 7

Have you searched all over and having trouble with the Views 3 UI glossary more? Can't find where to turn on the glossary mode in the view settings for an attachment?

What is the views glossary mode?

The views glossary mode help you to sort a list of content on your views page using the first letter of the alphabet or numbers. In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to create a glossary mode using the views 3 module in drupal 7. It is important to note that the glossary is an argument selector and not a filter. In other to achieve this, we simply added a contextual filter for the title of our content, enabled glossary mode and made some other few adjustments. To ensure this works for you, make sure to follow the exact steps in the tutorial. However you can also play around to find out what works best for you.



hi, it is not about this tutorial but i wonder about structure of "Go To Previous Tutorial" and "Go To Next Tutorial". are you using book content type or else for this? i see the same structure on a video site. how can we make it if we don't use book content type, if we use article content type.

I just wanted to thank you for posted. This video helped a lot!

Thanks for this tutorial. It helped me a lot and is a real timesaver.

The video tutorial isn't working and I'm really interested in this functionality of Drupal, could you check it?

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