Creating a question and answer website in Drupal - Part 4 (using the answer userpoints module)

This is the fourth part in our series on how to build a question and answers website using drupal. In this tutorial, we would be looking at how we can allow users vote up or down on the question and answer content type. We will also be creating functionality that allows users to be rewarded with points for different activities/tasks they carry out on the question and answer site. Users who created a question are also able to choose the best answer to their question, or what you call the accepted answer.

Upon downloading the answers user points using the drush command line and installing it, you will discover it also installs a lot of other dependency modules such as rules, rates, best answer, submitted by, entity and voting.

Once installed, you will discover most of the configurations have been done for us. There is already a default widget setup that allows user voting on both the questions and answers content type. The rates and userpoints have also been pre-configured using the rules module. So that once an event takes place, an action follows. 

In other to be able to follow this tutorial properly here is a link to the first three parts part1, part2, part3


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