Creating a simple house sharing website in Drupal (Introduction)

This tutorial shows how to build a website from start to finish in drupal using a house sharing web site scenario. In this series, we cover topics from how to setup a development environment in drupal using modules like features, demonstration and others to preparing drupal profiles and and setting up permission. In this series, we create a site where people can post an advert of a room, and others come to the site, search for the room and send a message to the advertiser. Adverts can also be flagged to enable users report an advert they consider to be spam or not legitimate. With this tutorial we also looked at how we can combine many modules together to build a whole site. This tutorial makes use of some of the most important and widely used modules in drupal

List of modules used in this tutorial

1) Views

2) Ctools

3) Panels

4) Date

5) Admin menu

6) Auto assign role

7) Flag

8) Gravatar

9) Privatemsg

10) Total control

11) User registration password

12) Lightbox

13) Module filter

14) Features

15) Demonstration 


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