Creating a simple house sharing website in Drupal (Setting up account settings fields) - PART 5

This episode shows how we account settings fields and allow users to add more fields to be filled upon registration. Users are also giving the opportunity to set passwords upon the creation of a new account.


Excellent excercise "the house sharing" website. I am on lesson # 5 You are right,.. so many "items" about Drupal Modules blocks etc. on the internet, but not many on how to bring it all together. Its like looking over your shoulder as you build the site and explain the "whys" of what you are doing. For me, this is the best way to learn.

Now if I can build a website the has selectable videos on it, I will consider my learning to be a success. at least up to that point. Again this is an outstanding tutorial series. Your method of teaching is very easy to follow.

So much good stuff to learn on the epresstuts website!!!

Would it be better to user the profile2 module?

What ever you think would work best for you should be fine. For this tutorial, I didn't have to use. There is never a single way of doing things in drupal. 

This is a very informative and Useful post and helps me out to get all valuable information.

Добрый день!
Иногда удача сама стучится в дверь.
Я рискнул и получилось!
Смотрите видео, правдо не с начала, но ос

The tutorial is easy to follow. I used for information. Now this is my favorite website.

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