Getting Started with Mongodb - Basic tutorial for beginners


In this screencast, we will be learning the basics of mongodb. topics covered include creating/deleting databases, selecting records, inserting records into our mongodb.
Mongodb allows us save programmatic models in a way similar to the way you programmed them in a database. It stores data as is usually used by high performance applications.
Examples you will find in this video include:
1) Creating databases in mongodb, which indeed does not have any command for doing that because you don't need one unlike we do in a RdBMS environment. With mongodb you just start working with the db and once a record is saved into it, the database becomes created.
2) Show all database
        show dbs or show databases
3) Use database
        use user
To learn more, click on the video


Very informative post!!
Your tips are excellent regarding motivation.

I am facing problem to use the MongoDB database. This video has cleared all my queries.

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