Installing and configuring the IMCE Wysiwyg bridge module

In this screencast, we would learn how to install and configure the imce-wysiwyg bridge module.

What is the advantage of this module? Say for example you are making use of the WYSIWYG module on your drupal site, you find out it is diffuclt adding an image to your content if you are not an experienced drupal user, since this requires using the correct url. With the imce wysiwyg module, you can simply browse files on your server or uplaoding a new file using a dialog and then selecting what file you would like to upload/use in your content. This is an easier and better way of adding images to your content especially if your drupal site user in a novice at using drupal.

This tutorial assumes you already have the knowledge of how to install and configure the WYSIWYG module. In case you do not know how to, here is a link for doing that.





Nice post and thanks for sharing.There are things here that I didn't think some time as of late.

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