Installing commerce Kickstart distribution using Acquia Dev desktop (Damp)

In this video tutorial, we are going to be covering how to install the commerce kickstart distribution using the Acquia damp stack.

If you have tried installing the commerce Kickstart distribution on a wamp server, you will notice that there is a bug which makes it non-installable. The acquia drupal lamp stack can be downloaded from

Comerce Kickstart distribution can be downloaded from:

With Commerce Kickstart distribution, setting up an e-commerce site is simply straight forward. You will not need to spend weeks learning how to configure an e-commerce site using the drupal commerce framework. This distribution as of version 2 runs on about 111 modules out of the box. Call this distribution a gift to the drupal community.




There is also a documentation page on how to install Kickstart on the Acquia Dev Desktop !

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