Using the Google Maps Api(Gmap) module in your drupal 7 website

In this tutorial we will be learning how to use the google maps api within our drupal 7 website. This is going to be the first part of a series of tutorials on how to use maps in drupal. In this tutorial, we would be making use of the Gmaps module and integrating it with the Location Module. The location module is useful because users don't neccessarily know the longitude and latitude of a location. With this module, a user is able to simply use the clickable map. The Gmaps in drupal 7 is still not very stable. One of the things I noticed was when I configured the gmaps module on a wamp server with the latest version of gmap was that, the markers were not showing on the map. However when I used the exact module on a drupal lamp stack (Damp) the markers showed just fine. So if you are following this tutorial and your markers don't show up, do not panic. This is just one of those things i noticed while playing around with the gmap module.

For this tutorial we created a scenario where a company wants to show a list of its branches on a map with markers. When you click on any marker, it shows you more information about that branch. Click on the video to learn more.





I couldn't resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

I´ve been watching yout tutorial and first of all i want you to thanks for it. I´ve been trying all you do but when I click on node locations it doesn´t show me the three icons I´ve located en the three Articles.
I´m working on local. Can you help me Please? thankyou very much

I didn´t tell you that I´m working in localhost but the markers don´t appear in local and doesn´t appear in my web hosting. yesterday I uploaded the site from local to my server through FTP and they don´t appear there.
I don´t know what I´m doing wrong or where is the problem.
If you can tell me a place or something where I can take some more information about using Gmaps in Drupal I would be grateful for it.

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thanks for this awesome web page, i like it

This tutorial video very easy to configure plugin at web for respons

I clicked to your website and it’s quite interesting.

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