Working with drupal panels in drupal 7 (Creating Mini Panels)

Drupal panels can basically help with arranging weighty content on a single page, nodes or blocks. Mini panels help with creating complex blocks without having to think about writing a lot of HTML or CSS code. Mini panels can also be used inside other panels. Mini panels can be used in panels page, and panels node. Panels also work with other modules such as views and CCK. Here is a simple tutorial on how to work with mini panels


This website is the ish. Thanks for the tutorials

I've spent several hours browsing tutorials on adding content to panels and could find none as easy to understand and as specific as this. Thanks a lot!

Very informative...
Thanks a bunch for sharing this :)

Fantastic! The BEST mini-panel tutorial around.

Great Tutorial. But Mini-panels are not showing up in the blocks section for me.
Using BuisinessTime theme and Drupal7.

ok, tried it again and its working now! Great. Thanks for the great tutorial

Do you have a tutorial for inserting views into a page panel?

I would like to read more current affairs from this blog

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