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GSoC’17 Coding period | Week #8 | Uc WIshlist chiranjeeb2410 Wed, 07/26/2017 - 12:40

One of the greatest improvements added in Drupal 8 was the Configuration Management (CM) system. Deploying a site from one environment to another involves somehow merging the user-generated content on the Production site with the developer-generated configuration from the Dev site. In the past, configuration was exported to code using the Features module, which I am a primary maintainer for.

One of the most exciting aspects of preparing for a DrupalCon is selecting its sessions. It’s always incredibly impressive and humbling to see the great ideas that our community comes up with—and they’re all so good that making the official selections is definitely not an easy process!

This time, the Track Chairs had over 500 sessions to evaluate, and only 108 hours worth of time to select. With the addition of the 25-minute talk option, we were able to accept 132 sessions to fill our programming time.

Erik Wagner, Program Manager at Volacci, walks you through the steps of installing Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics on your Drupal website.



Hey folks, this is Erik Wagner from Volacci, and today I’m going to be walking you through installing Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics onto... Read more

Today we announced that Automatr, our marketing automation platform for Drupal, was built on the Net-Results platform. Although that has not exactly been a secret, it’s not something we had publicly announced prior to today so I wanted to take a few minutes to tell our partners and customers about this relationship and what it means to you and to Volacci going forward.

The partnership we have with... Read more

We'd like to share this infographic we've made depicting interesting facts about the Blue Drop Awards. Without the wonderful community support, The Blue Drop Awards simply would not and could not exist; we appreciate it.

On Sept 15, 2014, Searchmetrics released their 2014 Ranking Factors Study. In it, they analyzed 10,000 search results and created correlations between characteristics of websites and their rankings. In other words, webites that rank high, do x. Sites that ranks low, do y. For this blog post, I’m leaving out things like Backlinks (factor 4, 9, 12, etc.) because - as far as I know - there just aren’t that many modules or settings that can help you with it... Read more

Earlier this year, I posted a blog about Must-Attend Drupal Events of 2014; it was fairly well received so I figured I'd work on a similar list for the 2015 Drupal events.

It appears that BuildAModule keeps their list updated, as does Drupical's map. Instead of categorizing by Drupal Camps or Drupal Cons, this list will simply be in chronological order. I will be updating this blog over the next... Read more

Drupal 8 is a marketer’s dream. With the new core enhancements, you can execute more effective marketing campaigns because you can deliver personalized content segmented by audience, language, and device type. You can develop relevant content that improves SEO, drives users to your website, creates leads, and results in more sales.

Drupal draws on the innovation of thousands of developers, designers... Read more

Mobile users are not patient! More than 71% of mobile users delete emails immediately that don’t render well on a mobile device,... Read more

“I hate Drupal!”

That’s what I heard from a marketing director at the Unbounce conference I attended earlier this summer. I put Drupal on my nametag and posted a few Drupal-related times to the conference app and that started quite a few conversations.

This poor woman was fed up with her Drupal website and was ready to make some changes. She finds it hard to create new content and it’s getting costly to update and maintain her site. And forget about trying to find a Drupal developer who didn’t... Read more

Our Drupal 8 SEO book is ready for preorder! This is the first book ever published that includes all of the step-by-step instructions you need to search engine optimize your Drupal 8 website. Using this book, you can increase search engine ranking, get more website traffic, and generate leads that result in sales. This book is written for marketers; you don’t need to be a technical expert to use it and succeed.

Companies that rank well in Google win.

I’m sure you realize the... Read more


There are many choices out there for Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). Many commercial tools tout features and say that they compare favorably to Drupal, the leading open source solution for sophisticated WCMS. In this brief, I have researched to the best of my ability the features that make Drupal stand out from Adobe... Read more

Drupal is phenomenal for SEO. When you use Drupal 8 for your content management system, you have a powerful tool to rock search engine optimization. I’ve worked in Drupal for 12 years and I’ve experienced firsthand how quickly search engines respond to a well-optimized Drupal website. I’ve seen customers triple their traffic in weeks after upgrading from another platform. I’ve seen competitive advantages from site-wide optimizations like RDF or AMP that put my clients on the cutting edge of SEO because... Read more

I hope you will be attending DrupalCon 2017 next week in Baltimore. This a great opportunity to update your Drupal knowledge and network with others. It’s also your chance to sign up for a special, two-hour training session on Drupal 8 SEO which is free to Drupalcon attendees.

I will be holding a Drupal 8 SEO Hands-On Seminar beginning at 15:45 on April 25 in room 321 at the Baltimore... Read more

Getting faster page load speeds isn’t just about increasing your Google rankings. It’s about improving customer satisfaction and gaining new revenue. Using tools specific to Drupal along with other universal actions, you can reach your marketing goals faster than ever.

It’s no secret that page loading speed matters to Google rankings. Speed became a ranking factor in 2010 and since that time, developers and marketers have been looking for ways to increase it. Google... Read more

DrupalCon Baltimore was my 14th DrupalCon and it was a very interesting and eye-opening experience. The Drupal community is maturing just as Drupal as a content management system is maturing. I saw a lot of the same people that I’ve seen for years and I met a lot of new people, too. Though I haven’t seen the actual numbers, I felt like it was a bit smaller than last year. (edit: It wasn't.... Read more

Lately, a lot of our attention has been dedicated to Drupal modules. We have explored the most popular ones and the best for Drupal 8. But we will not stop here. We'll also look at the experimental modules, which may confuse some Drupal users. As you will see, there is also some risk in having them. What are the experimental modules? As stated on the official website of Drupal, experimental modules are modules that are included in Drupal core but are for testing purposes, so they are not (yet) fully supported. This new approach was introduced in Drupal 8. New experimental modules can only… READ MORE

Starting in Drupal 8, we've added the notion of Experimental Modules, to help provide an early look at core features which are not yet complete. A major focus of Drupal 8.4.0 has been stabilizing these experimental modules, so that they can "graduate" to stable modules which can be installed in production and leveraged by other core and contrib modules.

Here's a document that outlays the current status of each experimental module, as well as their goals with respect to the forthcoming 8.4.0 alpha deadline (which is this coming Monday, July 31). If you're looking for a productive way to help your favourite initiative during 8.4.0's alpha/beta/RC phase, check it out!

Here's the TL;DR:

  • Content Moderation: Move from alpha to beta
  • Workflow: Move from alpha to beta
  • DateTime Range: Move to stable
  • Inline Form Errors: Move to stable
  • Layout Discovery: Move to stable
  • Media Entity: Move to stable (so contrib can rely on it), but hide module from UI (so end users don't accidentally turn this on solo, as it causes UX regressions)
  • Migrate / Migrate UI: Get as close to stable as possible.
  • Place Block: Hide module from UI (so end users don't turn it on), propose instead as patch to Block module for 8.5.0
  • Settings Tray: Move from alpha to beta
As far as Drupal minor releases go, 8.3.x is a pretty major one. A whole host of new features have been brought into the open source content management system, and some experimental modules have been updated since the last iteration. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s new, what’s been updated, and how each new feature. Continue reading...