Wordpress Tutorial for beginners

This is the first of our series on how to use wordpress for beginners. We would be teaching you how to build your websites or blogs step by step using the wordpress cms. This tutorials are created in a way for you to easily follow. No steps skipped. This site will help you to grow from beginner to expert. This site also helps people coming from a drupal background to get up to scratch with the wordpress cms.

Beginners Video

Wordpress Tutorial for beginners (Installing wordpress)

This is the first video tutorial on our beginners step by step guide to working with the Wordpress CMS. In this screencast we will be learning how to install wordpress. To follow this tutorial, you would need to have a server where you will be hosting your website, or a local web server such as Wamp or Xampp.

Wordpress Tutorial for beginners (Introduction to the dashboard)

This is the second video in our series of learning to work with wordpress. In this video, we would take a quick look at the dashboard. The dashboard can be seen as the page with a quick view of all the administration of our site. On the dashboard, we can see comments, edit them, delete them. We can create new posts, select new themes to be used on our blog and much more.


Wordpress Tutorial for beginners (Creating a new post)

This is the third video in our series on our step by step guide for beginners on how to use wordpress. In this tutorial we would learn how to create a new post in wordpress. Posts are like the building blocks of our website. They are like the primary content of your website or blog. Posts can be assigned to different categories and tagged. Categories are like the different sections of our website. So say for example it is a new site, we can have the sport section, music section, politics section. etc. All the different stories/articles under this categories are called posts.

Wordpress Tutorial for beginners (Managing posts)

This is the fourth video in our step by step guide for wordpress beginners. In this video, we would be learning how to manage posts created on our wprdpress site. We would see how we can edit posts quickly, how to manage posts revisions. We will also see how we can perform different bulk operations on more than one post at a time. 

Wordpress Tutorial for beginners (Working with Categories and Tags)

This is the fifth part in our series on our step by step guide for wordpress beginners. This video will explain what categories and tags are in wordpress. We will also learn how we can add post to them. We also see the importance/advantage of using categories and tags on our wordpress site.